Making Money With Bloggerwave

There are various ways of making money online through your blog. Examples are like pay per click and affiliate programs. But the fact is that these programs do not quarantee you a consistent flow of income and hence you cannot solely depend on these programs as sources of your online revenue. Inorder to generate continous flow of revenue in any online program you need to be associated with certain established networks like Bloggerwave. Now what is Bloggerwave? Bloggerwave is an online network for bloggers which gives bloggers the opportunity to make money from their blogs. Bloggerwave offers pay per post program i.e you get paid for each post or review that you write on your blog. This means that you can make money consistently for, once you register your blog to Bloggerwave, you'll be given tasks regularly. The amount that you get paid depends upon many factors. First is the quality of your review or post i.e how impressive you write. The better your writing the more you get paid for. It also depends on the type of review that you are asked to write for. Currently the minimum amount that Bloggerwave pays for each post is $1. However, there is no limitation to the maximum amount that you can earn from each post. The most important aspect that matters most in any pay per post program is your blog ranking. If you have higher blog ranking you can demand higher amount for each post that you write. Blog sites which have large backlinks and high traffic are the ones who make good money through this sort of programs.

If you are also looking to profit from such programs then, signup with Bloggerwave right now and see an increase in your blogging revenue.


10 ways to create screenshots of your website

There are many tools available that will enable you to take snapshots of your own webpage. With these tools you can capture whole or part of your website page and further modify them like any other image that you regularly work with. You can then upload the image of your website to other sites. This way you can provide a glimpse or the general profile of your website to others for easy and quick reference.

Save As Image- This is a firefox add-on that lets you save the whole page, frame or part of either as an image.

Picnik for firefox- With this firefox add-on you can take screenshots of your website and import them to the online image editor Picnik for further editing.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver- An extension for firefox, this lets you to capture the whole page or part of it with the capability of resizing the the captured image which is in PNG or JPEG format.

Snissa- A simple firefox plugin that is used for taking website screenshots.

Screengrap!- This will save what is visible in the window, the entire page, just a selection or a particular frame of the webpage as images.

ieSnapshotter-This is a plugin for Internet Explorer that lets you capture the whole website or just the visible portion of the website as image files. This tool also lets you create thumbnails of the webpages. You can even resize the images according to your taste and feel.

SnagIt- A great tool for handling all those image editing tasks. With this screen capture cum image editor, you can instantly take photoshot of your webpage and then edit it in the format of your choice.

FastStone- This powerful utility not only has the capability of capturing screenshost of your webpage but can also capture your windows screen, objects, menus, rectangular and freehand regions.

WebShotsPro- Just enter url of any website and then get the screenshot of that website. You might not get the screenshot in an instant if you encounter a long queue.

Thumbalizr- This also works similar to WebShotPro. You enter the url of the desired website to get its screenshot. You can choose to get the screenshot of just a screen or the entire webpage.


Ranking your site

Do you want to know the status of your site's rank? Or want to improve from your current ranking? Then go and check yourself and do all that stuffs to take your site's ranking to the next level. Good luck and best wishes...

Rank your site here:

1. Google Pagerank
2. Alexa Traffic Rank
3. Technorati Blog Rank
4. Yahoo Search InLinks


Spottt can help drive more traffic to your site

Ever wanted to bring real traffic to your own blog or site on the basis of points and credits. Then opt for Spottt. Its a newly launced service by Adbrite, internet's online advertising firm. Surprisingly within weeks of its inception, the number of members who have signup for the service has increased exponentially which only opens new doorway for more traffic to your site.

Spottt works slightly like a CPC campaign. That is, you'll display ads of other members on your blog or site. Likewise other members will display your blog's or site's ads on their blogs or sites. The concept of this program is to promote each others' websites for free. This works on the basis of credits. You earn credits when a visitor to your blog or site clicks on the ads. You can even earn credits when you click on the ads yourself. The more credits you earn the more is the traffic to your site. Its that simple and easy.

Its a fun way of not only driving more traffic to your site but also a way to discover new and undiscovered blogs and sites which will give you an opportunitity to get to the vast oceans of new informations and resources. And all that for FREE!

Find out for yourself how you can make best use of this service not only for what i have said above but also for other traffic optimization purposes. Get set and Go.....


Make money from your own videos and photos

Are you looking for ways to make money from your own photos and videos? Look no further.Your search for the same ends here. Why i'm so confidently saying this is because i was also looking for such opportunitity some months back. But after i came to know about Adbrite's InVideo and BritePic innovative campaign, i immediately signup for the same and today i'm making excellent money with my own photos and videos. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone owning a video or photo website or blog.

How this works?

Adbrite's InVideo is a video ad campaign i.e for each video of yours Adbrite will embed a CPC text ad code which will be shown everytime your video is played. Whenever someone clicks on this ad, you will be paid for the same. The amount you get paid for each click depends on the advertiser bid.

BritePic also works similar to InVideo. The only difference is that it employs images instead of videos. Also you don't need to embed code to each of your photo. Adbrite will provide a template code which have to be placed on your website. Now when someone hovers over the image or photo with a cursor a text ad will roll over. You are paid when someone clicks on the ad.

What is more stupendous about this program is that you can host your videos and photos on any other site other than your own. Your unique code will still be embedded in the photos and videos and you'll be paid when someone clicks on them even when they are hosted on other sites.

If this is the opportunitity that you were looking for then go ahead and signup with Adbrite to start rightaway now and make money out of those cool vids and pics stuffs of yours.